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                  An Introduction to Yuncheng University

                  Yuncheng University, local, multidisciplinary and comprehensive, is situated in Yuncheng City, a city in the South of Shanxi, China. Yuncheng is located in the joint section of China¡¯s mid and west parts, enjoys the honour of ¡°Golden Triangle¡±, which is a birthplace of Chinese cultures.  
                  Yuncheng University boasts 14 departments, three teaching sections and six research institutions with 56 specialties at the levels of undergraduate and college. These specialties cover seven science subjects such as humanity sciences, economics, law, pedagogy, sciences, engineering, and management. At present, Yuncheng University recruits students from nineteen provinces in China, and has 9272 full time students, and 2526 adult students. 



                  Academic Activities

                  Professor Li Mingding from Zhengjiang University Gave a Lect..
                  October 16,2019
                  Yuncheng University Co-organized the 5th Energy Storage Engi..
                  August 8,2019
                  Conference of Yuncheng University--Shanxi Academy of Agricul..
                  July 1,2019
                  Professor Zhu Liping from Renmin University of China Visits ..
                  June 11,2019
                  Glad Tidings: Professor Li Xin and His Team Won 2017 Shanxi ..
                  April 22,2019



                  Teachers and Students of YCU Assembled to Watch the Grand Ga..
                  October 16,2019
                  Debriefing Held on the Construction of YCU as an Authorized ..
                  October 16,2019
                  Volunteers from Yuncheng University Provide Services in the ..
                  September 1,2019
                  Central Group of Party Committee Holds Enlarged Thematic Lea..
                  July 8,2019
                  Robot Team of YCU Made Great Achievements in China National ..
                  June 15,2019



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